fork cafeBill Weber is a Bay Area muralist and painter and has been creating murals nationwide since 1974. His work can be seen primarily in the North Beach area of San Francisco. Specifically, he was the artist responsible for the mural on the corner of Columbus Ave and Stockton Street. That mural represents the blending of the two neighborhoods, Chinatown and North Beach.

Bill was chosen to honor the Castro neighborhood with a mural that would become an icon for tourists and locals alike.

The very top of the building has the phrase, “Together We Can Make A Better World.” That is the philosophy of the owner of Fork Cafe.

As a backdrop to the building, Bill chose the nighttime skyline of San Francisco as seen from Treasure Island.

The word, “CASTRO” was used because of the ability to place different images into the letters that represented the different parts of the community.

C – Probably the most visible representative of the neighborhood is the rainbow flag located at Market and Castro Street.

A – The F-Market Historic Street Car brings the locals and tourists to this part of the city.

S – The Disco ball is the perfect image to represent the fun experienced in this diverse neighborhood.

T – Nothing has impacted this area more than AIDS and the ribbon honors those who have passed and those who are still fighting this disease.

R – While everyone recognizes the Golden Gate Bridge, this angle is from Baker Beach, popular with many of the locals.

O – The neighborhood is defined by the Castro Theatre and anchors the community to the past.

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